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4 Benefits of Buying a New Home

For some, old homes hold intrigue, history, and charm but there are many benefits to buying a new home over  resale. It is important to research both and choose what makes sense for you and your family. New home sales are on the rise in Las Vegas. Here are four reasons why. 

  1. Personalized Options If you purchase a new construction home, you have more opportunities to personalize its features. Our next community, Brownstones at Providence will have options including cabinet color, kitchen counters, interior paint color, washer/dryer/ refrigerator upgrade package, carpet pad, and tile flooring in the main living area and bedrooms.

  2. Low-Cost Maintenance A recent survey conducted by Bankrate revealed that almost half of homebuyers, especially Millennials, suffer from home buyer regret. This is largely in part to unexpected maintenance costs. Not only can these costs add up quickly, but homeowners are also then stuck spending their weekends on repairs instead of enjoying their home. When you buy a new construction home, you can postpone maintenance costs for a few years. 

  3. Home Warranty  A home warranty can also save you on the time and cost of home repairs. When you purchase a new construction home, the builders often take care of this for you. At Brownstones at Providence, each townhome comes with a Home Buyer’s 2-10 Warranty at the close of escrow. The warranty includes one year for workmanship and materials, two years for systems (electrical, plumbing, HVAC), and 10 years for any structural issues. The builder takes care of covered items during year one and the third-party warranty company takes care of covered items during years 2-10.

  4. Energy Efficiencies  At Edward Homes Nevada, we build homes that use less energy. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprint, but it reduces your utility bill as well. Some of our energy–saving features include high-efficiency air conditioning, double-pane windows, and  50- gallon water heaters. Our homes are also equipped with programable digital thermostats which allow you to automatically adjust your settings while you are sleeping or away, reducing your monthly heating or cooling bills.

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