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6 Benefits of Buying Early in a New Construction Community

Now is a great opportunity to purchase a new home and watch it transform from the ground up! Here are perks of buying in the early stages of a new construction community.

1. Lock-in pricing and take advantage of any market appreciation that occurs between purchase and close of escrow.

2. Buying during the pre-sale phase allows you more freedom of where you live inside the community. This is great if you have a furry family member who would prefer living closer to our pet parks.

3. The earlier you purchase your home, the more opportunity you have to select personalized options. Below is a look at some options available at Thrive @ Providence.

4. Time to plan and prepare for the move, including sale of buyer’s current residence or fulfilling terms of existing lease, and minimize the stress of the pending move. You can start organizing for a move with these tips from our blog.

5. Buyers who purchase early will have more time to save for their initial investment (i.e. down payment) and/or the lender’s reserve requirements. Check out our blog post on tips for saving for a down payment.

6. Las Vegas is a great market for investors. When you purchase a property during the pre-sale phase, you have additional time to find a tenant to move in after the close of escrow, minimizing potential vacancy. There is also potential for rental rates to improve by the completion date.

If you are a real estate agent looking for more information to provide to your clients about our Thrive communities, you can download our Benefits of Buying During The Pre-Sale Phase Here. 


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