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6 Tips to Organize Your Life and Home in 2021

At Edward Homes Nevada, we strive to make your move to a new home in our Thrive communities as easy and enjoyable as possible. Other than our amazing community sales manager who will help you every step of the way, do you know what will make moving a breeze? An organized home! If you are planning a move this year, consider the following list of our favorite tips to prepare you and your home for moving day.

1. Create a Moving Binder/Folder

Before the packing and heavy lifting even begins, storing your moving details and documents in an easy-to-find space, such as a binder, will be very helpful. This is a simple way to keep track of all contracts, receipts, tasks, moving company information, financial documents, new décor ideas, and more.

2. Store a Discard/Donate Bag in Your Closet

One way to free up time, energy, and the bulk of your unwanted clothes before moving is to keep a bag handy to discard items that don’t fit, are stained, or you never wear. Then, donate them or give them to a friend.

3. Take Photos and Keep Power Cords Organized

Be sure to take a photo before you unplug your desktop computer or take apart your entertainment center to ensure it’s easy to reassemble in your new place. Take time to tidy and compartmentalize items such as power cords, power strips, and chargers. Your home will look and feel less cluttered on moving day if you take this step before mixing things up in boxes and forgetting what goes where.

4. Go Digital to Cut Down on Clutter

Another way to reduce the items in your home is to digitize anything you do not need a physical copy of, such as photos, paperwork, etc. These things can be scanned or transferred to your computer, lessening what you need to pack.

5. Use Clear Canisters

This kitchen hack is great for storage and makes transporting items from your pantry to your new home simple.

6. Pack a Must-Have Box

Knowing that you won’t get everything unpacked in your new home right away, be sure to put your essentials in an easy-to-find box or make sure each family member has a backpack of essentials that they keep with them during the move. Include a change of clothes, a toothbrush, a phone charger, and any medication needed. You can also toss in things like paper towels, toilet paper, body wash, band aids, or a first-aid kit.

For the new homeowners planning a move to our distinct townhome communities, we hope these recommendations will make the process a bit smoother. If you would like to learn more about the Thrive communities, check out our residential page.

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